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Sales Consulting

Sales Consulting

Cobra Sales provides proven sales consulting to evaluate deals in your existing pipeline, introduce the company to new sales opportunities, help refine and develop sales tools and messaging and participate in all aspects of the sales process into the commercial market.

“Drive Short Term Sales While Building a Long Term Strategy”

The Ultimate goal of sales consulting is to help drive short-term revenue opportunities and evaluate the potential for an extended project to serve as the commercial outsources sales team for the company.

Our Sales Management consulting team will provide you with relevant technology and services experience that will:

  • Review the current service portfolio and adjust as needed
  • Includes a comprehensive analysis of each service
  • Review all the sales tools and messaging for those services and help refine the value proposition and ROI associated with working with you
  • Create new massaging and call scripts based on and modified portfolio and messaging
  • Understand any existing pipeline, evaluate those deals\
  • Work with your ream to create pipeline methodology consistent with sales goals for the company
  • Test all messaging and recommendations through a concentrated 75-day sales campaign

Build the Right Team With Cobra’s Sales Consulting

The CS sales team will consist a VP of Strategy to oversee the campaign, senior sales support to assist with the evaluation and recommendations and inside sales resources to conduct the market testing and provide market feedback.

The CS will take a leadership role in the engagement. The program is designed to understand all relevant sales, marketing and technical talking points necessary to present your service solutions to the target market.

Once complete CS will provide a mad map to sales success. The initial engagement is meant drive a short term return and to lay the groundwork for long term success.