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Our Story So Far…

Our Story So Far…

PT. Cobra Direct Sale Indonesia is a nationwide sales and marketing company, that serves wide range of customers with an extensive range of products and services. These range from simple household goods, health & beauty, children toys, both imported and locally made. With many years of experience in Indonesian market, Cobra Group Indonesia has grown substantially since its inception in 1993 and as the economic situation has strengthened the company has flourished as well.

Surviving the turbulence of 1998 Asian Crisis and 2008 Global Crisis, the company is currently under a major restructuring in response to the challenge of 21st Century market demands. The company is now offering more marketing channels with new services and products to a wider target market. Supported by a proven marketing methods, an ever increasing salesforce using the latest technology, and advanced Contact Center, we are now better than ever equipped and ready to serve our customers and business partners.


Direct Sales, Marketing, Call Center, B2B, E-Business, Online Stock Clearance.

PT Cobra

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