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Demand Generation

Demand Generation

Our Demand Generation program Allows our team to conduct a one-of-a-kind outbound campaign on behalf of your organization. We will assign inside dales resources to supercharge your pipeline and quickly identify and develop qualified opportunities that meet your unique criteria.

The initiative will allow us to contact, qualify and create an interest in your product and services and to ultimately establish credibility in the market place. It will also develop reasonable sales targets and relationship with the key contacts.

Advantages :

Outsourcing your Lead Generation Services to Cobra Sales offers many advantages compared to other approaches.

  • Rapid and efficient lead generation to identify high value prospects and decision makers
  • Direct contact enabling faster appointment setting and better lead qualification
  • Experienced call center staff that knows your business and understand your strategy
  • Retrieve your inside sales teams from time consuming prospecting tasks
  • Direct integration with your pipeline software and process
  • Improved conversion rates, sales performance and efficiency
  • Project-based or ongoing retainer-based approaches available
  • Full sales force outsourcing solutions available via our Partners Impact Areas

If you are struggling to get in front of decision makes and you need to build your sales pipeline fast, consider our demand generation Services. We dedicate a team of experiences professional to focus completely on demand generation strategies for your business.

  • We make the calls your internal people will not make
  • We find the decision makers and waste time calling the wrong people
  • We grow your sales tunnel faster because we are expert at lead generate


There are some important similarities and differences between the approaches and skillsets required for successful B2B vs B2C sales. In either case, while building an effective sales force, you need to take into account the backgrounds of your sales people. Are they the right fit for your products, services and markets? Are they transitioning from B2B to B2C or vice versa?

Many companies find that significant training is required to achieve a high level of sales performance as these transitions present themselves. In these cases, sales force outsourcing becomes a cost-effective alternative.

How are B2C and B2B sales similar?

1. They both require a sales process. 

B2B lead generation and sales may take longer and involve more nurturing.  However, a well-defined strategy and planned tactics are needed in both arenas.

2. They both require alignment with marketing. 

If you’re online and offline marketing messages don’t align well with sales communications, potential customers will shy away.

3. They both require excellent customer service. 

Once a sale is made, the ability a customer has to reach your support team and get helpful service has everything to do with retention and churn rate.

How are B2C and B2B sales different?

1.   Emotional vs rational.

Retail sales are often emotional, based on a perceived immediate need, while corporate      sales are planned, evaluated and longer term. Online shopping has changed this to some extent, allowing customers to research and compare prior to purchase.

 2. Cheap vs Expensive.

Again, not strictly true, but on average B2C sales have a lower price point and are less often paid out over time. There is a crossover where B2B sales involve products such as office supplies. Corporate services are often retainer-based over a long term. Luxury B2C items such as houses and cars are paid over a long term as well.

3. One-off vs Relationship.

Retail point-of-sale purchases are often done without prior contact and with no on going relationship between sales person and customer. This is seldom true in the B2B arena, where the entire sales process is often based on relationship building and trust

4. Experience.

While there are many B2C sales people with years of experience, the learning (and success) curve is certainly shorter than in B2B. B2B sales people must know how to work with senior decision makers in addition to knowing their products cold. That can take years to develop and the right personality to make it work.


Our Demand Generation team specializes in securing qualified meetings with C-level executives and key decision makers in your target markets. Our appointment setting services will contact hundreds of organizations on your behalf to ensure deep market penetration and brand expansion to help your team

  • Build a strong pipeline
  • Accelerate sales cycles
  • Increase revenue

Cobra has developed an extensive background and database to cover many industries and criteria that will help you grow your business in the commercial market. We have teams that specialize in helping international companies penetrate the market quickly and effectively and get in front of key decision makers.


The ultimate goal of the Demand Generation team is to acquire qualified leads, develop those leads into prospects, initiate and conduct a high volume of sales calls per day, and to secure high quality, prequalified in-person and phone/web based meetings for our clients. The most successful sales teams and individuals develop a process that addresses both sales strategy and tactics. By following a well-defined sales process, salespeople overcome common problems.

Tracking Sales Leads 

Who gets notified when a lead comes in? How does each lead get evaluated and by whom? What’s the next step? How quickly should you respond and by what means? How do leads get assigned to sales people? How are leads segmented and into which categories? Who monitors lead status and progress? Are we using a CRM or other tool to schedule calls and appointments and send reminders in advance?  Having a solid tracking sales process in place is the basis of your team’s success.

Providing Qualified Sales Leads  

Who evaluates lead qualifications? What criteria should they use? Who researches leads and what tools do they use? How do you handle different categories of leads, how do you assign them and track them? Is there a way to automate this process, and if so, which software solution? If a CRM or other sales management tool is selected, who gets training and who provides the training?  Using strategies to provide qualified sales leads is what sets our services apart.

Handling Objections

Inevitably we encounter delays and objections from prospective customers. What standard responses are in place to deal with these obstacles and move leads to closing? Is the sales team properly trained to recognize problems and overcome them quickly?  At Cobra, we hand pick the perfect sales team for your specialty, assuring objections are handled properly and the sales process moves forward.

Closing Sales More Quickly & On Your Own Terms

What’s your sales strategy? What are you trying to accomplish in each sale both short term and long term? What steps do you need to go through with each prospective client to make sure they understand the value of what we sell and agree that it’s worthwhile to purchase? How well do you communicate the urgency to buy now instead of tomorrow?

Why Sales Outsourcing is the RIGHT solution to growing your sales:

  • Sales outsourcing lowers your risks and increases your ROI of sales investments
  • Outsourced sales management saves you time and eliminates training and turnover costs
  • We free up your resources to focus on what you do best and leave the sales to us
  • Streamlined complete sales process management including demand generation
  • Our industry experts and experience open doors otherwise unavailable to you