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PT Cobra Direct Sale Indonesia is one of the largest sales companies in Indonesia, with offices throughout Aceh, Irian Jaya and all the cities in between. We have over 200 offices spread across Indonesia, with a sales team of 5,000 men, which on average visit and sell to over four million Indonesian homes per month.

The concept personalized marketing, as well as the convenience of our system, helps bring products and services right to the consumers door, at great value. It generates growth, which in turn brings strong value to the group, its people partners and customer alike.

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Troy MobbsFounder & Chairman

Troy Mobbs is the Founder and CEO of PT Cobra Direct Sale Indonesia. He began in the direct sales business as a young man in Sydney Australia back in 1988. Troy learned his business from the ground up by first learning to sell directly to the consumer in the street of Sydney. He quickly learned how to hustle and hit his daily goals before learning the art of training and developing a team to follow in his footsteps. Within a year Troy set up his own company in Sydney in 1989 and expanded throughout Australia before setting his sights on Indonesia in 1994. Troy started with a small team of people and grew his company each year through developing people year in year out to where the company is today. Over 200 offices and 5000 people throughout Indonesia.

Amrullah Kasim Al MahadahlyExecutive Vice President

Amrullah has been Executive Vice President of PT. Cobra Direct Sales International since 2007. He is originally from Palu, Sulewesi, where he worked as a contractor. In 1996 Amrullah joined Cobra, and became an owner one year later. from 2000 - 2007 he was promoted to Divisional Manager. A notiable achievement Amrullah has made is in 2000 he was awarded Man of the Year within Cobra Direct Sales, Indonesia.

Ir. Thomas Alva Hariyono MMVice President

Hariyono, originally from Banyuwangi, East Java, joined Cobra Group in 1996 by working on the field. He quickly became an owner a few short years later, and soon after was promoted to Divisional Manager in 2005. in 2007, he was promoted to Vice President of PT. Cobra Direct Sales Indonesia. Hariyono graduated in 2015 with a Masters of Management, and soon after, in 2017, graduated with a Doctorate Degree, to further expand his abilities as a Vice President of Cobra.

Chandra Eka GunawanDirector

Eka, who was born and raised in Jakarta, is the Director of PT Cobra Direct Sales Indonesia. He had previously lived and worked in Germany from 1975-1994 in the import business. In 1994, Eka joined the Cobra group as a production manager, and within 4 short years, become the director of Cobra Indonesia.

Alexander EnricoChief of Business Development

Enrico, born and raised in Jakarta, is the Chief of Business Development in PT Cobra Direct Sales Indonesia. He started working in the sales business in 1994, by working on the field, going door to door. He quickly worked his way up and became and owner of a Bandung office from 1995-1998. Since then, he has become the Chief of Business Development in the head office of Cobra Indonesia

Nonna ResmitoHead of Operations

Nonna is the Head of Operations of PT Cobra Direct Sale Indonesia. She is originally from Magetan, East Java, however studied university and commenced her working career in Jakarta. Nonna has currently worked as Head of Operations in Cobra since 2014. Previous to this, she has had 10 years of experience in the banking industry, as well as 2 years in the retail industry. Nonna started her career as a secretary, and has worked her way up to her current position as Head of Operations, which givers her a respected understanding of the business processes.

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