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PT Cobra Group Indonesia

The Cobra Group , is one of the countries leading sales and marketing companies with more than 200 locations that span across the beautiful archipelago of Indonesia

The strength of our corporate culture, training systems, and our data management systems give us the foundation to mobilize and manage multiple markets

Why Sales Outsourcing is the RIGHT solution to growing your sale

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  • Sales outsourcing lowers your risks and increases your ROI of sales investments
  • Outsourced sales management saves you time and eliminates training and turnover costs
  • We free up your resources to focus on what you do best and leave the sales to us
  • Streamlined complete sales process management including demand generation
  • Our industry experts and experience open doors otherwise unavailable to you
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    Every week we speak to more than one million people and deliver products & services to 10 to 20 thousand customers weekly 

    We deal with a wide range of products and services from telecommunications, security, finance & have plans of testing household insurance & Pay TV .

    The Cobra Group sales acquisition model has been repeatedly proven to be the most cost-effective and best value for money in the marketing and customer acquisitions mix.

    For more information about how we can help your company achieve your marketing and sales goals, please contact our new business team.

    Cobra Sales Network

    Cobra Sales Network

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    What we can do for you

    We are a direct sales company that talks to customers every day. We design and staff individual marketing campaigns that help today's companies compete in an ultra-competitive environment. With so many types of advertising bombarding today's customers, there is a premium on a company's ability to directly approach a customer. Our sales teams and processes maximize our client's ability to talk to customers face to face and gain market share. Our company's partners have over 50 years in sales, sales training, and corporate management experience and have created a corporate culture that is based on positive motivation and measured performance goals. We reward performance with industry leading compensation and reward plans and create a management career path that ensures unparalleled employee loyalty. Our needs based selling approach ensures that our client's potential revenue is being maximized with an emphasis on customer satisfaction. Our clients know that their customers are being presented with the most professional and customer friendly approach possible in today's market. We have a robust direct sales training program which is designed to accelerate excellent product knowledge and to develop consultative selling skills. The strength of our corporate culture, training systems, and our data management systems give us the foundation to mobilize and manage multiple markets.

    Contact Us

    Wisma Aldiron 1 st Floor Suite 107-109

    Jl. Jend Gatot Subroto Kav 72

    Jakarta, 12780 Indonesia

    Phone : +6221 797 5515

    Fax : +6221 791 88108 / 798 3090

    Email : mail@cobra.co.id